Our Constitution

The Constitution of the Association

Part 1 – The Association

  1. The name of the association shall be  “The Association for Studies of Religion”  (hereafter referred to as the Association).
  2. The Association shall be registered as an incorporated association engaging in small-scale, non-profit and non-commercial activity with the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading.
  3. The headquarters of the Association shall be situated within the State of New South Wales.

Part 2 – Objectives of the Association

  1. To promote the study and teaching of the Stage 6 Studies of Religion course developed and implemented by the New South Wales Board of Studies (hereafter referred to as the Course).
  2. To provide a forum for those interested or engaged in teaching the Course to express views, exchange ideas and share knowledge.
  3. To represent professionally the views of teachers of the Course.
  4. To develop and promote professional learning opportunities for teachers of the Course.
  5. To liaise with individuals, groups and other associations with an interest in promoting the study of religion and the aims of the Course.

Part 3 – Membership of the Association

  1. Membership of the Association shall be open to

    1. Individuals members, being
      1. teachers of the Course whether full-time, part-time or casually employed
      2. those with an interest in the objects of the Association
      3. student teachers
      4. retired former teachers of the Course
    2. Corporate members, being
      1. schools and colleges employing teachers of the Course
      2. any organization with an interest in the objects of the Association
    3. Membership of the Association shall be subject to the payment of membership  that shall be determined annually by the Committee.
    4. An updated register of members shall be maintained by the public officer of the Association. A copy of the register of members shall be made available at all meetings of the Association.
    5. Voting rights in the affairs of the Association shall be apportioned to all financial members on the basis of
      1. one vote per individual member
      2. one vote per corporate membership (providing that the voting representative of the corporate member is identified at the beginning of a meeting)
    6. Where the actions of any member are determined to be persistently prejudicial to the objects of the Association or the interests of its members that member may be expelled from the Association.
    7. Expulsion from the Association shall be by a majority vote of the members in attendance at a special general meeting after a recommendation of the Committee.

Part 4 – The Committee

  1. The members of the Association shall annually elect a committee to manage the affairs of the Association.
  2. The Committee shall consist of not more than nine (9) members and shall be made up of
    1. The President 
    2. The Vice-President
    3. The Secretary
    4. The Treasurer
    5. Not more than five other members
  3. In the event of a casual vacancy occurring in the membership of the Committee, the Committee may invite a member to fill that vacancy, providing that the vacancy is then declared open for nominations at a Special General meeting of the Association.
  4. The duties of committee members shall include
    1. The President shall chair all meetings of the Association and represent the Association in all professional forums. The President shall also have the casting vote in any and all votes taken by the Committee or the members of the Association. The President shall also be a signatory to the Association’s accounts.
    2. The Vice-President shall fulfil the duties of the President in her/his absence. The Vice-President shall also be a signatory to the Association’s accounts.
    3. The Secretary shall maintain a register of all formal correspondence to and from the Association as well as the minutes, attendance and apologies of all meetings of the Committee and the Association. The Secretary shall also be a signatory to the Association’s accounts.
    4. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all financial transactions of the Association, which shall be reported in the form of a summary balance sheet at each Committee meeting and an audited statement at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer shall be the primary signatory to the Association’s accounts.
    5. All other Committee members shall perform duties in the administration of the Association as determined by the Committee. These duties may include maintenance of the Association’s website and/or social media communications.
  5. The Committee shall appoint a Public Officer annually from among the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer to comply with its statutory obligations.

Part 5 – Meetings of the Association

  1. The Association shall conduct an Annual General Meeting each calendar year at which
    1. all Committee positions shall be declared vacant and elections held.
    2. an audited financial statement shall be presented to the members.
    3. a report on the activities of the Association shall be presented to the members.
    4. any other business conducted shall have been notified to the membership in writing with no less than fourteen (14) days notice.
  2. The Association may conduct General Meetings from time to time to discuss or further its objects. Notice of General Meetings will be given 21 days prior to the meeting.
  3. The Association may conduct a Special General Meeting to receive nominations for a vacancy on the Committee or amend its constitution. No other business shall be conducted at this meeting. Notice of Special General Meetings will be given 21 days prior to the meeting.
  4. A quorum for a General, Special General or Annual General Meeting shall include not less than half of the members of the Committee and not less than ten per cent (10%) of other members of the Association.
  5. The Committee shall meet no less than three (3) times each year at such time and place as the committee shall determine. A quorum at any such meeting shall be not less than four (4) members including not less than two (2) of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Part 6 – Income and Property

  1. The income and property of the Association however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of objects and purposes of the Association and no portion shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by dividend, bonus of otherwise to any member of the Association.
  2. In the event of the winding up of the Association, if there remains, after payment of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Association, but shall be transferred or given to some other institution or institutions, to be determined by the members of the Association at or before the time of dissolution, having objects similar to the objects of the Association, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision, then to some charitable object.