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About ASR

The Association for Studies of Religion is a professional association that aims to provide resource support and professional learning opportunities to teachers of the New South Wales Board of Studies course, Studies of Religion. The Association also represent the interests of its members to the Board of Studies (BoS), the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and, through the NSW Professional Teachers’ Council, to the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Studies of Religion is among the top six courses in the New South Wales HSC in terms of candidature and external data analysis, including John DeCourcey’s work for the NSW Catholic Education Commission, indicate that it is consistently a significant contributor to a large proportion of students’ tertiary entrance ranks (ATAR).

The candidature for Studies of Religion is drawn from systemic, private and government schools across NSW with all three sectors, as well as cultural and faith based non-school organisations, represented among the Association’s members.